Build Your Own PC

Learning to build your own PC really isn’t very difficult.  If you can use a screwdriver, you can do this!  And we’ll guide you through, step by step.

Step By Step

Detailed instructions each step of the way.

Inside, you’ll find easy to follow, step by step instructions for each step of the process.  

You’ll find videos where needed, and detailed images by a local portrait photographer.

Everything you need to know to build your own computer is right inside.

Choose The Parts

First things first, we’ll select everything we need to build your new machine.


The motherboard ties everything together.


Line up the notch, insert the chip, then click it into place.

Hard Drive

Traditional magnetic hard drives are slow, but have much higher capacity.  If you can afford it, get an SSD drive.

Prep The Case

Get your new case ready to hold everything.


We’ll add your heat sink and fan to your CPU, then install it on the motherboard.

Video Card

There are lots of video card options, but the all work the same way.

CD/DVD Drive

Lots of PCs don’t even use optical drives anymore, but it’s good to have one, just in case.

Easy As 1…2…3…

It really is that simple.  

Free Courses

Our free courses will cover all the basics.

Premium Courses

Our premium courses include all of our free content, but go into much greater detail for those who are interesting in learning more about why, than how.

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